Loan despite bad private credit

The constant problem with the entry – For many people ring the alarm bells when they hear the term Private credit.

This originally for the purpose of protecting the lenders from fraudsters and borrowers with bad payment history database stores every action of every citizen who once could not settle an invoice on time or is in default of payment.

This organization holds data from over 66 million German citizens, which makes up about 75% of the population. In the entry and the information the Private credit wants to calculate to the lender a probability, with which payments can be repaid.

For this purpose, each person is assigned a value between 1 and 1000, which is to evaluate the probability of default on newly applied loans. A bad Private credit entry is nothing more than a very low value in this statistic. What makes the problem is that once banks know this number, they either drive up the borrowing costs (ie, interest), or completely reject it.

Escaping the system is not easy

Escaping the system is not easy

But not every person can be expressed with a simple number. Already someone who has never had to owe anything, always settles his debts in time, but unfortunately by his social rank is not eligible for a loan, such as the unemployed, have little chance to apply for a loan despite bad Private credit.

But even those who have come into default of payment, this problem is forever liable, even if he has improved greatly in the following. Anyone looking around for a financial opportunity will be able to find many alternative methods of financing. But to apply for a loan despite bad Private credit is still associated with a risk, which is why attention must be paid to the conditions. A form of security will always be queried. Whether it is a fixed income, or possibly very high interest rates are estimated.

Do not lose sight of the goal

A short-term loan application will help little if there is no long-term plan to repay. Especially the monthly burden over partially long years should be considered for a loan despite bad Private credit. But there are plenty of opportunities – despite bad Private credit – who then still finds nothing suitable in which helps only save, save, save!

Instant loan without Private credit

Credit despite bad Schufa

Unfortunately, there are always bills that need to be paid urgently. To replace now a broken washing machine or to pay for a major car repair, the instant loan is offered without Private credit.

The difference to conventional loans: In this model, no previous query is made at the Private credit. However, there are also some black sheep in this area who want to pull their money out of their customers’ pockets.

There are, however, some signs of dodgy offers:

  • fees are charged before the loan is approved without Private credit
  • the dispatch of the contract documents takes place by cash on delivery, which also entails costs for the prospective customer
  • Together with the loan, consultancy or insurance contracts such as business consultancy contracts or home savings and accident insurance are sold
  • Contacting is only possible via very expensive consulting hotlines
  • home visits, which are charged to the consumer, are possible
  • if the consumer is over-indebted, insolvency advice is provided by unauthorized persons

Instant loan without Private credit for the unemployed

Instant loan without Private credit for the unemployed

Especially this group of people has experience, it is very difficult to get a loan. No wonder, she can not have any income above a certain level. But there are also some possibilities for this. However, no offer should be accepted by a credit intermediary, as this usually entails high costs.

Today, however, there are various credit portals online that offer some special offers in this area. Of course, there is always the possibility to get a loan from home.