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After completing school or studying, many young people believe that there is finally time to realize long-held dreams or put them into action.

So it is not uncommon that many people decide to make one or the other smaller purchase of their training allowance. But what happens when you want to pay for your first home, for example, or to finance a motorized mobile pedestal? Good advice is sometimes expensive.

Without moss, nothing is going on” is an ancient wisdom. Since many young people can not put money on the “high ridge” or could save something, there is usually no equity available to tackle larger purchases. With the salary, which one receives during the training, one can make experiences not too big jumps.

Correspondingly low are accordingly the chances to receive an instant loan without private credit for trainees. The risk from the credit providers’ perspective that the borrower can not fully repay the installments throughout the contract term can be significant.

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